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Success Stories


My jaw clicking started about eight years ago after biting into a very hard apple. At first, I was very scared at the clicking, which occurred each time I opened my mouth. Eventually, I got used to it and thought that it didn’t bother me. However, as time went on, I started to get dizzy and my ears started popping. When I went to my dentist, she told me I have a TMJ problem. She gave me a bite plate to wear and my dizziness and ear pain virtually disappeared. I know it works because if I forget to wear the bite plate, the next day I have a slight headache in the temples.

Thanks to best dentist in Brooklyn for diagnosing the problem and helping me treat my undesirable symptoms.

Anna V. Goldshteyn


Hi, I am Cindy and what an experience I had at the EnvySmile Dental Spa with Dr. Weiner and her amazing staff! Though it was very tough at times, eventually all the visits paid off. I say special thanks to the dorctor and her staff, especially Marina. I had a major cross bite and a collapsed jaw. Dr. Weiner and Marina had stepped to the plate. Their exceptional knowledge and skills made what I thought to be impossible a reality. I love my new smile and will recommend this doctor and her great team to all my friends.

Cindy Osman


Whenever I went to a dentist, I heard the same words over and over again: “Please open your mouth wider. Even wider. This isn’t wide enough. Oh, you mean you can’t?” None of these dentists ever told me I had a problem.

Once I had an infection in my tooth and went to see Dr. Weiner for the first time. She asked me to do the same thing all the other dentists did – to open my mouth wide. When she saw that it was not possible for me, she told me right away that I have a TMJ problem and that I am not the only one. Before I visited Dr. Weiner, every single dental experience was a torture just because opening my mouth alone was painful. But the worst problems were my frequent headaches and sharp pain on both sides of my jaw. I couldn’t even chew gum without biting my lip.

I am now undergoing treatment for my problem, which consists of wearing a special device. Since I started this treatment, my symptoms stopped and my whole life experience became much more pleasant. It is going to take approximately two years to become TMD-free, and it is absolutely worth it! I can’t wait when I can sit in a dental chair and no longer worry about not being able to open my mouth wide enough for my dentist to see my wisdom tooth and painless enough for me not to feel a thing.

Thank you, Doctor Weiner!

Julie S.


Most of my life I had to follow a special diet since biting on some types of food wasn’t an option for me. When I was a teenager I saw many dentists and all of them told me that I may have a chance of correcting my problem, but it would require surgery. Since, I have been suffering for years without even thinking that anything at all can be done about this.

One day I ran into an article in news paper that grabbed my attention. I read it three times: “ Functional Brooklyn orthodontics, European approach, arch development…”. Though all of these words sounded too scientific to me, they did ring a bell and decided to investigate. A few days later I met with Dr. Weiner and her staff who told me that my problem can be corrected without surgery. I was quite pessimistic at first. If a surgery was required to fix this problem when I was 16, then how was it possible to fix this now without any surgical intervention? I am still greatful for the Doctor’s and her staff’s patience who saw me twice after my initial appointment explaining all the steps that need to be taken to change everything for the better. Although I was convinced, it was still hard for me to beilieve that the day when I bite my food with my front teeth would ever come. After three years of treatment, I am able to eat, bite, and chew just like everybody else and have no food restrictions in my diet. Not to mention the compliments on my smile!..

Thanks, Doctor Weiner!

Vladlen G.


Ever since I was 6 years old, I couldn’t ever smile openly. I either smiled with my mouth closed or I automatically closed my mouth with my hand when I laughed. Nobody ever teased me, but I always felt uncomfortable and had no confidence in my smile.

When I lived in Russia, dentists would make me wear some retainers, which never worked. Then, the orthodontics became more known in Russia, and my parents took me to the orthodontist, who said “There is nothing I can do except to take four teeth out and then push the rest of the teeth together with braces.” My parents refused to put me through such a procedure and lose four healthy teeth at 15. I thought that I would have crooked teeth for the rest of my life.

When I came to the U.S., I went to a couple of orthodontists, who eventually told me the same thing, trying to convince me that everything would look great, and there is nothing wrong with taking “some” teeth out.

I didn’t give up my hope, and I would go through orthodontics advertisements in newspapers on a daily basis. When I saw Dr.Weiner’s ad, which promised that no teeth would be taken out, I made an appointment right away. Now two years later, I am very pleased with the results, and I cant stop smiling (making up for all those years that I couldn’t smile).

Thanks to Dr. Weiner, who made me a much happier and confident person.

Kseniya K.


I experienced discomfort in my temples for years, but in the last 2.5 years, the discomfort turned into pain. I couldn’t sleep at night. Sometimes my jaw would lock, and I couldn’t open my mouth for 3-4 days. The pain made me nervous, upset and depressed. I was seeing dentists, physicians, even went to Europe to see other doctors, but the only thing that I was offered to stop the pain was painkillers…

Until one day my mother found Dr. Weiner’s advertisement in a newspaper. I called the office and made an appointment, and that was my first step to life free of pain. It has been 1.5 years since I started feeling real relief.

At first, a special appliance was placed in my mouth to broaden and shape my jaws and then I started wearing braces to straighten my teeth. The headaches went away as soon as I started wearing the appliance! It was hard to believe, but I could finally lead a normal life without pain.

Thanks to Dr. Weiner, my life has changed and made me a healthier and a happier person!

Yulia B.