Cosmetic Braces: Get Straighter Teeth in Just a Few Months

Cosmetic Braces: Get Straighter Teeth in Just a Few Months

Here at Envy Smile Dental Spa we see a lot of adult patients who are interested in having orthodontic treatment. Provided you have teeth that are healthy and strong then it’s never too late to think about straightening them. The really great thing about modern orthodontics is that often we can achieve excellent results with cosmetic braces within just a few months. There is no need to worry that you might have to wear braces for many months or even a year or more. We may only need to straighten up your front teeth to give you a more attractive and more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Using Cosmetic Braces to Get the Very Best Aesthetic Results

Braces that only concentrate on removing the front teeth is often referred to as being cosmetic braces. It means it will not make any significant changes to your occlusion or the way your teeth bite together, but it can be excellent for correcting minor problems. Typical problems that can be remedied with a cosmetic brace include closing up spaces in between teeth, realigning teeth that are crooked or slightly rotated or which are perhaps a bit protrusive, and dealing with issues of overcrowding.

Cosmetic braces can be a very conservative way to correct these types of problems. It is an alternative treatment to perhaps having to veneer multiple teeth. As the tooth movements required are often quite minor, treatment can sometimes be completed in a matter of a few months. Imagine, in just a short while you could be benefiting from a beautiful straight smile. (Read also: Get a Beautiful Smile Dental Makeover in Time for Summer).

Invisibly Straightening Your Teeth

One of the reasons why adult orthodontics has become considerably more popular over the past few years is due to the introduction of newer and virtually invisible braces. Our dental practice has a wide range of options for you to choose from. These options include fixed and removable clear invisible aligners that are extremely discreet. Fixed braces are often a really good choice. They allow our orthodontist to plan each tooth movement extremely precisely by positioning the brackets where they will produce optimal results.

Mystique Braces

One of the treatments we provide is called Mystique and this can use clear ceramic brackets that are amazingly discreet. They are also designed in a way to make sure they are stronger and more reliable than traditional metal braces. Those can sometimes break or become damaged when you eat or brush your teeth. The brackets are actually made to match your tooth color, meaning they will blend in beautifully so you will still have a nice smile right throughout treatment. Another option is to use removable aligners produced by Invisalign.


These are extremely easy to use and can achieve excellent  results within a very short while. Treatment is preplanned using special software that produces digital images of your teeth as they gradually move into the correct positions. (Learn more about Invisalign treatment at our practice). We find people particularly like this system because you can preview your smile beforehand.

No matter your dental needs, we have just the right brace to safely and effectively straighten your teeth. Why wait any longer when you could be seeing the results in a very short while.