Brooklyn Teen Invisalign Treatment


Envy Smile Dental Spa in Brooklyn offers teenage patients Invisalign® Teen as an excellent orthodontic treatment designed specifically for teenagers by Invisalign®. If your teen has crowded teeth, crooked teeth or a gapped or gummy smile and needs orthodontic treatment in Brooklyn, our Invisalign® Teen is an excellent solution. Teenagers are extremely pleased with the comfortable, convenient and clear braces system that Invisalign offers. Our comprehensive dental practice can handle every aspect of your smile, including top of the line cosmetic services to enhance your smile. We have a team of dental specialists and an experienced orthodontist to ensure your get the results you hope for. Let us give your teen a smile that others will envy at our dental spa today.

Teen Invisalign Braces

At Envy Smile Dental Spa, we understand how difficult the teenage years can be. Getting metal braces can only provide additional challenges. We are proud to offer Teen Invisalign® Braces in Brooklyn as a great alternative to traditional metal brackets and bands. Invisalign® braces for teens delivers significant advantages over traditional braces including:

• Virtually “invisible” appearance without brackets, bands or wires
• A typically painless treatment that includes a custom-fit and comfortable aligner tray
• Removable aligners for eating, brushing and flossing, allowing teens to avoid teeth staining or poor hygiene that is common during traditional braces

Each Invisalign® Teen aligner tray, provided every two weeks, will slowly and carefully adjust the teeth and transform your teen’s smile without making them suffer through embarrassing metal braces.

Invisalign for Teenagers

You can trust Envy Smile Dental Spa for excellence in Invisalign® for Teenagers. We make it a priority to ensure patients of all ages are comfortable and relaxed in our dental office. Our unique practice offers the most comprehensive range of dental services in one convenient location. If your teen needs braces but is resisting an orthodontic treatment process, we invite you to discover the advantages of Invisalign® for Teenagers. Our practice is currently accepting new teen patients and we offer affordable CareCredit financing to qualified patients. Contact our Brooklyn Teen Invisalign® Treatment Dentists today to schedule your consultation.

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