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Wisdom tooth pain, tooth pain after fillings and tooth sensitivity after fillings are some of the more common dental complaints. It’s difficult enough to experience tooth pain of any kind. You need a caring team of dental experts in Brooklyn to provide you with immediate relief that can come at a same-day appointment.

A toothache is possibly one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world. The good news is you don’t have to suffer needlessly. You don’t have to go any further than Brooklyn to have the ultimate dental spa experience. Imagine a neck rub and hot towel while a world-class cosmetic dentist eliminates your tooth pain!

There’s a broad spectrum of pain that can attack your tooth. The sensations can be mild, positively unbearable or anywhere in between. When you’re working with a leading cosmetic dentist in Brooklyn, you can trust that your tooth pain is a priority. Providing you with most effective, aesthetically pleasing solution for your pain is always the goal at Envy Smile Dental Spa.

Don’t Ignore the Problem

Even if your tooth is only mildly uncomfortable, find the time for a dental exam. Any pain can be an indication of a larger dental issue. Catching the problem early often means an easier and less invasive treatments.

Ignoring your tooth pain just allows the problem to become worse. Scheduling an appointment at the earliest sign of discomfort can spare you more pain down the road. Your Brooklyn cosmetic dentist is ready to diagnose the actual problem and relieve your pain all at the same time.

Getting to the Point

The cause of your tooth pain dictates the treatment you need to have. There are several different reasons that your tooth may hurt:

You may be experiencing sharp, intense bursts of pain. This type of pain can be the result of:

  • Severe decay
  • Loose fillings
  • Clenching or grinding your teeth
  • Cracked tooth
  • Sensitivity to extreme temperatures

Dull tooth pain is usually more serious because it’s often related to nerve damage inside your tooth. This pain may be triggered by a sensitivity to extreme temperatures. Dull pain generally radiates from the nerve or the pulp of your tooth and can last for a long time. Dull pain may require a root canal to correct.

If you’re suffering from constant pain, that may indicate you have either an infection or abscess moving into your tissue or bone from the pulp of your tooth. This type of pain can be sharp or dull, and sometimes it can even switch between the two. You may be experiencing pressure or swelling. In some cases, your tooth can be sensitive to touch. These are all potential warnings signs that you need a root canal.

Tooth Pain After Filling

It’s possible to have some degree of tooth pain after filling a cavity in your tooth. A filling is in essence a mildly invasive procedure. A cavity must be drilled in your tooth before it can be filled. Some tooth sensitivity after filling a cavity is completely normal. These cavities can come very close to the nerve inside your tooth. This increase in tooth sensitivity after fillings can last for a few weeks until your tooth has a chance to acclimate to the new filling.

Your filling can also be uncomfortable if it’s poorly fit and interferes with your natural bite. If you can notice a difference in your bite or find the way your teeth fit together feels awkward, contact your cosmetic dentist immediately.

Wisdom Tooth Pain

Your wisdom teeth are the last set of molars in your upper and lower jaw. They don’t come in until you’re in your late teens or early twenties. And since you probably didn’t remember how painful teething was the first time around, cutting your last set of molars may be an especially unpleasant reminder.

Wisdom tooth pain most notably occurs if your wisdom teeth are growing in incorrectly. If they come in crooked or push up from beneath your other molars, the pain can be excruciating. This is what’s known as an impacted tooth. And it’s a condition that requires your wisdom teeth to be removed surgically.

The Sooner the Better

If your tooth is starting to hurt, contact a top cosmetic dentist in New York immediately. Putting if off only serves to make matters worse. A relatively simple problem can quickly take a turn toward a more serious matter.

Your dental spa experience should live up to your expectations. Visit Envy Smile Dental Spa to take care of your tooth pain and talk to leading NYC experts about how to do it with minimally invasive techniques, while leaving you with a smile that others will envy.

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