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Oral Surgery (oral maxillofacial surgery) – Top Rated Oral Surgeon in Brooklyn

Oral maxillofacial surgery doesn’t have to be a big deal when you visit a Brooklyn oral surgeon with extensive experience. At Envy Smile Dental Spa, you’re treated like a celebrity. And since your general dentist is also a cosmetic dentist, you get a committed professional who’s concerned with both your oral health and your appearance, no matter what kind of dental work you have done.

Sometimes, your dental needs are more complicated than what a bi-annual cleaning can resolve. When you’re having pain or discomfort in your teeth that a trip to your Brooklyn dentist just can’t fix, you need a dental practice that includes an oral surgeon on staff. Envy Smile Dental Spa has it all, including an oral maxillofacial surgeon, so it’s the only dentist you need to visit.

Oral maxillofacial surgery is the surgical solution to your dental needs. Whether you’ve experienced a physical impact, a lingering oral disease or another type of injury, the specialists at this practice can help. And if you wish to improve the function and aesthetics of your smile with dental implants, the leading dental spa in Brooklyn has you covered.

Premier Oral Surgeon

An oral surgeon is a dental specialist who’s highly skilled at correcting any physical or cosmetic issues with your mouth. All surgical experts, dental or medical, undergo extensive education and training before completing their residency. But not all oral surgeons are created equal.

Your Brooklyn dental surgeon can conduct several types of dental surgical procedures, including:

  • Extraction of impacted teeth
  • Dental implants
  • Procedures to ease jaw-related issues such as:
    • Unequal jaw growth
    • The fit of your dentures
    • Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ)
  • Repair of facial injury
  • Repair of cleft palate or lip
  • Facial infection
  • Snoring and sleep apnea

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Your wisdom teeth are also called your third molars. And they are your last set of teeth to grow in. This typically happens in your late teens or early to mid-twenties. A wisdom tooth impaction is when one or more of your wisdom teeth gets stuck between your jawbone and gum tissue. It’s also possible for a cuspid or bicuspid to become impacted and require surgical extraction.

An impacted tooth is extremely common and can be very painful. Impacted teeth can cause swelling and potentially lead to infection. An impacted tooth must be surgically removed before it has the chance to damage surrounding teeth, bones or gum tissue.

Dental Implants

If you’ve suffered tooth loss, your oral surgeon can surgically implant a post to serve as a root substitute. This post is used to anchor a custom-made tooth into position. In cases of more severe tooth loss, a couple posts can be used together to hold dentures permanently in place.

Dental implants are the most functional and aesthetically pleasing solution to tooth loss. Dental implants are virtually impossible to distinguish from your natural teeth. And since they’re surgically secured, they also work just like your natural teeth, without the discomfort associated with dentures.

Risk and Reward

Oral maxillofacial surgery is much more involved than a filling or simple extraction. Some of these more invasive procedures require sedation. Also, there’s a degree of risk with any type of surgery, and oral surgery is no exception. The most common complications include:

  • Infection
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Prolonged bleeding
  • Damage to surrounding teeth
  • Lockjaw

After surgery, some swelling and soreness is to be expected. This can generally be managed with over-the-counter medications. In some cases, your New York cosmetic dentist may prescribe painkillers.

Smokers are more likely to experience complications. Certain chronic conditions that compromise your immune system also can affect your recovery. But the risks fail to outweigh the benefits. Oral maxillofacial surgery can ease pain and improve your overall quality of life.

Recovery at the Dental Spa

Your Brooklyn dentist provides specific instructions following your oral surgery. These instructions usually include:

  • Take it easy for the rest of the day
  • Use ice to reduce swelling
  • Avoid hot food and drink
  • Eat soft foods
  • Take all prescribed antibiotics
  • Keep your mouth clean
  • Rinse with warm saltwater after meals and snacks
  • Don’t brush or floss the surgical site
  • Don’t drink alcohol for at least 24 hours
  • Eat foods rich in vitamins that aid healing

Following the instructions of your cosmetic dentist usually ensures a speedy recovery, free of complications. But contact your dentist immediately if you experience:

  • Excessive swelling
  • Bleeding that won’t stop
  • Pain that medication fails to ease
  • Fever
  • A reaction to medication
  • Displaced surgical site dressing

Trust and Comfort

Envy Smile Dental Spa in Brooklyn offers state-of-the-art treatment in a relaxing environment with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Your oral health care is individually catered to you. The staff understand that your peace of mind is priceless.

Don’t settle for less than the premier dental practice in Brooklyn. Your smile is too important to leave to chance. Their trusted professionals strive for the next level of dental spa experience. When you demand quality — the choice is clear.

Do you have any questions about oral maxillofacial surgery in Brooklyn NY? Would you like to schedule an appointment with the best rated periodontist and oral surgeon in Brooklyn? Please contact our office.