Dental Bridge (Cost, Bridge vs Implant) in Brooklyn, NY

Your dental bridge cost is always much less than the wear and tear empty spaces have on your facial structure and your oral health. And when you consider a dental bridge vs. implant, your cosmetic dentist guides you through the entire process. If you practice exceptional oral health care at home and maintain regular dental visits to your Envy Smile Dental Spa, you can extend how long a dental bridge lasts.

A beautiful smile is in your future when you come to Envy Smile Dental Spa. Whether you need restorative treatment or cosmetic dental work, their dentists offer the quality dental care you need. This all-inclusive, one-stop dental spa in Brooklyn boasts a comfortable environment, affordable treatment options and a cosmetic dentist who can do it all.

The staff at Envy Smile Dental Spa knows how valuable your smile is and how to protect and preserve it for your whole life. When it comes to getting much-needed services, such as a bridge to fill in spaces where you’ve lost teeth, you need to rely on an experienced team in general dentistry, dental surgery, and cosmetic dentistry, so that your health and appearance are equally valued.

Cosmetic and Restorative Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a small appliance that consists of two or more false teeth that fit in spaces created by your missing teeth. The false teeth are called pontics and can be made of:

  • Gold
  • Alloys
  • Porcelain
  • A combination of the three

The pontics are connected by a frame and are anchored onto the teeth that surround the gap. These teeth, called abutment teeth, can be your own teeth or implants. Your cosmetic dentist can advise which types of implants will work best to hold your bridge. You have options.

Dental Bridge vs. Implant

A dental bridge isn’t an implant. An implant is a structure that’s surgically placed in your jawbone. An implant can anchor or support a bridge. Implants are capped by crowns and are commonly used when you need only a single tooth to be replaced. Your gums and jawbone have to be healthy for you to get an implant.

On the other hand, a dental bridge may be an option when your gums and jaw cannot support the invasive procedure of multiple implants. While both a bridge and an implant are permanent, a dental bridge can be less invasive but just as effective. At the same time, a bridge anchored by implants can provide a more stable foundation. So, when comparing implants vs. dentures, don’t forget to consider a bridge.

More Than a Dental Band-Aid

Dental bridges are sometimes required for your oral health. Other times, it can be considered an elective procedure. The procedure not only restores your smile but also helps your mouth function properly.

Missing teeth, whether occurring naturally or as the result of trauma or infection, can disturb many normal processes. Getting a dental bridge:

  • Restores your ability to speak properly
  • Allows you to chew correctly
  • Helps maintain the shape of your face
  • Creates an even bite
  • Prevents the remaining teeth from moving out of position

Just the Facts Please

The abutment teeth are prepared on your first visit and a mold is taken of your mouth for the lab making the bridge. If your original teeth are satisfactory, then you can choose the specifics of your bridge. You may or may not be given a temporary bridge, depending on where space or spaces are located.

On your second visit, the newly made bridge is placed in your mouth and adjusted for the proper fit and bite. You’ll talk and bite for your dentist to make sure there’s no pinching or pain. On subsequent visits, your dentist makes minor adjustments so that your dental bridge feels like your own teeth. After a few weeks, your dental bridge is cemented into place.

Issues to Consider

Getting a dental bridge isn’t painful, especially since the process is made so simple by your cosmetic dentist. There are many considerations, but the quality experience you have at Envy Smile Dental Spa makes you comfortable from the first visit to the final step. Before you opt for a dental bridge, consider:

  • Your dental bridge cost
  • How long does a dental bridge last
  • Risks of the procedure
  • Side effects from wearing a bridge

Other than the minor discomfort, getting a dental bridge is usually pain-free. And there are minimal side effects and risks. Unless you need an implant placed for support, the procedure is generally non-invasive. You should eat soft foods and refrain from smoking and chewing tobacco for some time, however.

The dental bridge cost to you depends on the type of bridge, its place in your mouth, the material of the pontics, the location of the dentist and your insurance. Your dental hygiene routine affects how long a dental bridge lasts, but a dental bridge can last up to 15 years with a proper care and regular checkups.

Do you have questions about the dental bridge we offer in Brooklyn, NY? Would like to schedule an appointment with the best rated cosmetic dentist in Brooklyn NY, please contact our office.

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