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Tooth Extraction (Wisdom Tooth Removal) – Best Rated Oral Surgeon in Brooklyn

Wisdom teeth often need to come out when they don’t grow in properly or grow beneath the skin, called impacted teeth. Wisdom tooth removal in Brooklyn — and other tooth extractions due to disease or injury — is painless and worry-free when you use rely on the talent and experience of your Envy Smile Dental Spa dentist.

Tooth extraction used to be a nightmare, even in the mecca that is Brooklyn. But now, the cosmetic dentist at Envy Smile Dental Spa in Brooklyn has a different way of doing things. Pulling a tooth can be painless and worry-free when you have the right tools and techniques on hand. Whether your tooth extraction is planned or in an emergency situation, you often can get same-day treatment, too.

You need a dental spa that provides quality care in a comfortable atmosphere at reasonable prices. And when your family dentist also is experienced in cosmetic dentistry, you receive comprehensive oral health care in addition to aesthetically pleasing alternatives.

Why Extract a Tooth?

Removing one or several teeth can be a required procedure or an elective one. Either way, your cosmetic dentist in Brooklyn can do this procedure while keeping your anxiety to a minimum. That’s the advantage of visiting a dental spa.

Several situations require that you have a tooth extraction, but there are also cases where you or your dentist can choose to remove a tooth in an elective procedure. Some indications for a tooth extraction include:

  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Dental caries beyond treatment
  • Severe periodontal disease
  • Pulp necrosis
  • Dental abscess
  • Malposition of a tooth
  • Traumatic tooth or jaw injury
  • Supernumerary or extra teeth

Consultation Before Tooth Removal Procedure

Talking to your Brooklyn cosmetic dentist about tooth extraction is the first step. Your dentist is most likely the one to recommend an extraction — for example for the removal of wisdom teeth. If it’s not medically necessary, you have the option to go through with it or not.

Before the procedure, your dentist answers your questions and tells you how to prepare for the extraction. Ask about pain and risks. Find out if it’s covered by your insurance. Depending on the reason for the extraction, you may have options for replacing the tooth with an artificial substitute.

Your dentist may recommend not have a tooth extraction procedure, even for wisdom teeth removal. For example, you shouldn’t have the procedure if you:

  • Are taking certain drugs
  • Have a problem close to the extraction site
  • Are pregnant
  • Have a systemic illness

The Extraction Process

Your dentist at Envy Smile Dental Spa should have already discussed whether you’ll get local or general anesthesia, but bring a friend in case something changes and your friend needs to drive you home. The next step includes being prepped. Then your cosmetic dentist can begin.

If you’re getting general anesthesia, you’ll be unconscious. If it’s local anesthesia, you’ll remain awake, but won’t feel any pain. If you start to feel pain, tell your dentist to give you more anesthesia. The actual removal of the tooth is relatively simple:

  1. The area is numbed.
  2. The gums are elevated.
  3. The tooth is pulled.

This is done through a process called luxation, in which the tooth is rocked back and forth until it’s loosened from its socket. The dentist then uses forceps to dislodge the tooth from the socket. Occasionally, your dentist may need to open up your gum using a surgical incision because of a complication like impacted wisdom teeth. Even with the extra steps, a surgical extraction has some benefits, such as better healing.

What to Do After The Tooth Extraction?

After the procedure, you can expect discomfort and some bleeding. Your dentist has you keep a gauze pressed to the area for about 30 minutes. Then you’re free to go. If general anesthesia was used, have a friend drive you home. You’re given pain medication if necessary, but over-the-counter pain medication like ibuprofen works. Use ice packs to keep the swelling down.

For the first 24 hours, don’t brush, floss or rinse your mouth. Eat soft food. Don’t drink extremely hot or cold drinks. Be gentle around the area of extraction, but resume a good oral hygiene routine. And don’t chew or smoke tobacco until you’ve fully healed. Your dentist will give you after-care instructions; follow them to prevent complications like infections.

Complications and Benefits of Tooth Extraction

Although it’s not a truly invasive procedure, tooth extraction carries some risks and complications. Damage to bone, blood vessels or nerves could occur. A jaw fracture is very rare but possible. Complications include an allergic reaction to the anesthesia, an infection and a lack of proper after-care. If you experience swelling, infection, dry socket or bleeding, inform your dentist immediately to get proper treatment.

The benefits of removing a decayed tooth or impacted wisdom teeth include:

  • A healthier mouth
  • Better overall health
  • An improved smile
  • Emotional relief

The Decision Lies with You

Tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal, whether elective or medically necessary, can be beneficial for your whole body. Most dental plans cover the cost of a necessary procedure, but your smile shouldn’t have a price.

The cosmetic dentist at Envy Smile Dental Spa in Brooklyn knows that a beautiful, healthy smile can bring confidence and physical benefits. Rely on your knowledgeable dentist take care of you and make your tooth extraction a simple and easy procedure.

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