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Dental Implant Problems – Best Rated Brooklyn Implants Dentist

You may encounter dental implant problems if you don’t follow the instructions from your Brooklyn dentist or don’t take good care of your oral hygiene. You greatly reduce the risk of problems when you visit the highly acclaimed and trained team at Envy Smile Dental Spa in Brooklyn, New York. They’re cosmetic dentists who believe a great smile comes from healthy teeth and gums.

Dental implants have revolutionized the dental industry. They have the power and potential to dramatically improve both your self-esteem and your quality of life. Getting your dental implants done at the premier dental spa in Brooklyn ensures that you receive top quality dental work with unparalleled cosmetic results. But remember, no surgical procedure is completely free of risk.

While working with the leading NYC cosmetic dentists in the field reduces the chance of side effects or outright failure, these things can happen. The quality of your dental work significantly reduces the risk associated with dental implants. And you can reduce your risks more when you go to a leading cosmetic dentist with an outstanding team of general and family dentists on staff.

Problems May Arise

Some of the more common problems with dental implants include:

  • You can get an infection any time you undergo a surgical procedure. Additionally, when anything foreign — such as an implant — is introduced to your body, there’s a chance for an adverse reaction. That reaction is in some cases caused by an infection. If there’s too much bacteria around your implant, it can keep your implant from fusing fully with your jawbone. A serious infection around your implant site can potentially break the bond between your jaw and implant even if they did fully fuse.
  • Incomplete bone fusion. This condition prevents your implant from fully bonding with your jawbone. This can potentially lead to implant failure or rejection.
  • While it’s a risk with any dental work, if you tend to clench your jaw or grind your teeth, your chances for fracture increase. You also run a higher risk for fracture if your implant is improperly positioned.
  • Nerve damage. This problem can happen before, during or after placing your implant. And unfortunately, your dental implant has to be completely removed to treat the problem.
  • Sinus damage. This is a risk when getting implants in your upper row of teeth. Your dental expert may opt for an additional procedure called sinus augmentation to slightly move your sinus out of the way and make more room for your implant. If your implants were to puncture or protrude into your sinus, it requires surgery to repair the damage. If you have pre-existing sinus issues, tell your dentist so that problems can be avoided altogether.
  • Gum recession. This problem has become more and more common when implants are improperly positioned. In some cases, gum recession happens because there was not enough bone or gum to anchor the implant.

To Make Matters Worse

There are several habits, conditions and lifestyle choices that can leave you a little more susceptible to problems and complications with your dental implants:

  • Untreated gum disease
  • Smoking
  • Cancer, diabetes, AIDS, or any other medical condition that directly affects your body’s ability to heal itself
  • Any physical condition with your hands or arms that hinders your ability to clean your teeth
  • Poor dental hygiene habits
  • Dental tourism or cut-rate dental work

Dental implants are a functional and effective answer to tooth loss or when you need to have a tooth pulled. But you need to actively commit to your oral health. Take the time to research your dental provider to prevent some of the more serious dental implant problems. The most common problems are caused by poorly executed dental work.

Your willingness to invest your money in quality dental materials can also affect the appearance and success of your dental work. When done properly, dental implants can last a lifetime. So, this is definitely not the most ideal time to spare expense. The leading dental spa in Brooklyn uses only the best materials available.

Your Best Defense Against Failure

Be wary of cheap dental work, because you may end up paying a lot more than you expected if there’s an issue with your implants. New York is a city full of class acts that demand the best from their cosmetic dentist. Envy Smile Dental Spa boasts actors and athletes among their patients. Follow their lead for the best care. When your smile represents you to the world, you can’t afford to take unnecessary chances.

If you think you have any issues with your dental implants, contact your Brooklyn dentist immediately. Some swelling, pain and tenderness are to be expected. But if your pain gets worse or refuses to fade, it may be an indication of a larger problem. Don’t hesitate to call your dental team for answers. Taking action now can save you more trouble down the road.

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