Brooklyn OrthoSnap


A new, innovative approach to wireless braces is now available for teens, adults and even seniors with the introduction of OrthoSnap’s “Perfectly Clear” Wireless Braces.

OrthoSnap perfectly clear braces and manufactured in the United States under extremely precise controls creating a new, more accurate systematic approach to solving a wide range of dental problems.

Using a patient process, OrthoSnap gradually moves teeth over time using a series of custom-made aligner trays. OrthoSnap aligners have a more accurate fit than any other products available today. Greater accuracy means that you will see quicker, more precise results.

OrthoSnap “Predictable Pricing” means no costly surprises at the end of treatment that can occur with other wireless braces systems.

Superior fit, greater comfort, more rapid treatment with increased predictability, and cost protection is now achievable with OrthoSnap.

OrthoSnap-LogoOrthoSnap is the best choice for people of all ages.

FOR TEENS: Perfectly clear and smooth OrthoSnap aligners can provide your child with the healthier smile while allowing them total confidence and comfort.

FOR ADULTS: Avoid the embarrassment of metal wires and brackets, inability to eat normally and, finally, a real tough time brushing and flossing around all of those wires and brackets. OrthoSnap wireless braces address each of these problems with removable, perfectly clear aligners that allow for enjoyable meals, easy home care and total invisibility when worn, fitting into just about any lifestyle.

SPECIAL OCCASIONS: If you’re contemplating marriage, looking for a new job or just wanting a lifestyle change, then a more beautiful smile is your key asset. With shorter, more predictable treatment, OrthoSnap aligners give you a gift of a confident smile you need now and that will remain you for life.

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