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Palate Expander, Orthodontic Expander – Best Orthodontist in Brooklyn

An orthodontic expander is designed to spread your jaw sufficiently to accommodate your entire mouthful of teeth. Under the careful attention of your Brooklyn cosmetic dentist, you may be able to avoid wearing braces if the palate expander can get the job done. Fortunately, in Brooklyn, you’ve found a family dentist in addition to a cosmetic dentist, so your kids are in the best hands, too.

Sometimes, there’s more to fixing your smile than simply straightening your teeth. Your teeth — or your kids’ teeth — may be crooked because of an issue with jaw-development or facial growth. If this is the source of your dental concerns, your Brooklyn cosmetic dentist may recommend an orthodontic expander. A palate expander is most effective if used at certain stages of jaw-development, although positive results are seen in Brooklyn for adults too.

An orthodontic expander is a specialized dental appliance that corrects, reduces or prevents certain types of jaw and teeth issues. Also known as a palate expander, this device is commonly used to create more room in your upper jaw. It works by gently pressing against the backsides of your upper teeth to expand the roof of your mouth.

A Work in Progress

Palate expanders don’t necessarily eliminate the need for braces. But they can significantly reduce the treatment time of several jaw and teeth problems. Those problems include:

  • Posterior cross bite. This condition is the result of upper teeth that are too close to your lower, back teeth.
  • Crowded teeth. If your teeth are packed too closely together, it can lead to a variety of dental issues that are more serious than simply being unattractive.
  • Impacted teeth. Your teeth may have become wedged between your jawbone and gum tissue while they were growing in, something common with wisdom teeth. Making more room in your upper jaw can, in some cases, allow for impacted teeth to erupt and grow normally. Impacted teeth can be the result of crowded teeth.
  • Breathing problems. If you have a high palate and narrow arch, your air passage can become blocked and cause breathing trouble.

Proper tooth placement is beneficial to your overall oral health. But a straight and stunning smile is an excellent way to improve confidence and drastically boost your self-esteem. Rely on an experienced orthodontist who also is trained extensively in cosmetic dentistry for the best results.

A Couple of Options

There are a couple of different techniques available at your dental spa in Brooklyn for palate expansion. These commonly used options include:

  • Slow expansion. This technique is gradual, with results seen over an extended period of time. This process helps achieve both dental and skeletal expansion. Your palate is expanded at a rate of 1mm a week, which is considered to be significantly less painful than other techniques.
  • Rapid expansion. This method expands the palate at a rate of 1mm a day. And it’s conducted over the course of three to six months. Once your palate has expanded, bone forms to fill in the space created.

The expansion process can cause a gap between your top front teeth. This is called diastema. When this gap closes naturally, it often creates a need for braces because your teeth can overlap. You may develop a large space between your front teeth, or you may never develop any space. Each case is unique. And it takes some time to adjust your eating and speaking habits following your palate expander treatment.

Safe and Effective

While palate expanders have the highest success in children who are still developing, adults still can achieve significant results. This procedure is preformed regularly with high success rates. But as with all types of surgery, there are some risks, such as:

  • Sores on your tongue caused by contact with the metal of the expander
  • Pain and headaches are fairly common after your screws have been tightened
  • Diastema is a space created in the front between your two upper teeth
  • Compression near your posterior teeth
  • Increased thickness of the lingual bone in your neck
  • Decreased thickness of your buccal bone

Custom Care

Adults run a higher risk of experiencing discomfort from an orthodontic expander than children. This is because your jaw has already developed and set. This type of treatment is better for patients who’re still experiencing growth spurts.

As an adult, your changes are more dental than skeletal. There are various expansion techniques, and your premier Brooklyn dental spa team works with your specific dental needs and goals to develop the treatment plan that’s best for you.

Nothing But the Best

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