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Endodontist in Brooklyn, NY


Are you looking for a qualified, best-rated endodontist that delivers effective and advanced treatment for patients of all ages? Envy Smile Dental Spa is proud to serve patients in the Brooklyn area with comprehensive dental care, including a specialization in endodontics. We provide services to many high-profile clients including celebrities and public figures.

We are a family dental practice that is committed to delivering the highest standard of care to patients using innovative and state-of-the-art dental equipment. Helping you achieve a healthy and attractive smile is our priority at Envy Smile Dental Spa. Whether your child needs specialized endodontic care for a traumatic tooth injury or you need to save a tooth with root canal therapy, our experienced Endodontist will provide the personalized care you deserve.

What Is an Endodontist?

An endodontist is a dentist who has received several years of advanced training in diagnosing and treating problems affecting the very innermost part of the tooth. After first having completed their training as a general dentist, endodontists receive another two or three years of postgraduate training so they can diagnose and treat diseases and problems associated with the dental pulp which is living tissue, as well as problems that may have spread from the pulp to surrounding tissues.

Right in the center of the tooth is an area called the pulp chamber and which contains the pulp. The pulp consists of nerves and blood vessels and when the pulp becomes infected, a tooth requires endodontic treatment or root canal therapy. While this can sometimes be carried out by a competent general dentist, more complex procedures or where a root-treated tooth has become re-infected may require the services of an endodontist.

You can trust our experienced team to provide effective endodontic solutions with the following procedures:

Cracked Teeth
Endodontic Retreatment
Root canals
Traumatic Teeth Injury

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At Envy Smile Dental Spa, we always use the latest in dental technology and technique to make our patients as comfortable as possible as they receive endodontic treatment with us. Our dental professionals strive to use treatment methods that are the least invasive and will give you the long-lasting results you deserve.

Why See an Endodontist Rather Than a General Dentist?

If you have a bad tooth infection then it’s likely to cause a nasty toothache and most people will react to this by booking an appointment with their general dentist. This is certainly a great starting point as your general dentist can help diagnose the problem and if it’s a larger practice, they may well have an endodontist on the dental team. If they think your tooth infection is quite complicated, they can refer you to an endodontist for more specialized care and treatment.

Although general dentists receive some endodontic training and may feel confident enough to attempt this procedure, others choose to refer all endodontic work to an endodontist. By seeing an endodontist, you are assured of receiving far more specialized treatment using the most advanced techniques including endodontic microsurgery. This will help remove all the infected pulp tissue right in the center of the tooth and extends into the root canals right in the tooth roots.

What to Expect at Your First Endodontic Appointment?

When you first see our Brooklyn endodontists, they will want to review your dental history and thoroughly examine the tooth in question. It’s highly likely that they will take x-rays as these images allow them to identify the problem and assess the damage caused by the infection. After this diagnosis will discuss all possible options for treatment, including the potential benefits and risks.

With a particularly bad tooth infection, there may be some doubt as to whether your tooth can be saved but your endodontist should give you a good idea as to the probability. Whenever possible, it’s always worth trying to save your natural teeth but thinks this isn’t likely, and then they’ll probably suggest you save your money, have the tooth removed, and instead consider how best to replace it. Otherwise, root canal therapy or endodontic treatment can be extremely successful. Many people have received this treatment and have had no further problems with the affected tooth for years afterward or even for life. Although removing the pulp of the tooth may make the tooth a little more brittle in the future, an adult tooth does not need the pulp to survive.

Emergency Dental Care and Same-Day Appointments

At our center for endodontics, we also offer emergency dental care and same-day scheduling as part of a commitment to giving patients the attention they deserve when it comes to their dental health. Our office is currently welcoming new patients of all ages and we accept most dental insurance plans.  Contact our endodontist today for top-quality root canal treatment or other advanced endodontic care.

Do you have questions about the advanced endodontics services we offer? Would like to schedule an appointment with the best-in-class endodontist in Brooklyn, please contact our office.

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