Cosmetic Dental Treatments: Subtle Changes to Sparkle Your Smile

Cosmetic Dental Treatments: Subtle Changes to Sparkle Your Smile

Here at Envy Smile Dental Spa we have an amazing array of cosmetic dental treatments to create stunning smiles. However, we also understand that quite a few people just want to make some subtle changes to the appearance of their teeth and sometimes that’s all that’s really required to give you a nice, attractive and healthy smile. There are a number of cosmetic dental treatments that can help you achieve this, all of which are quick, non-invasive and highly affordable.

Professional Dental Cleaning

This is an easy place to start, especially when combined with a full dental checkup. Our hygienist can carefully scale and polish your teeth, removing tartar that can otherwise make your teeth appear slightly yellow, particularly near the gum line. Polishing your teeth is a great treatment for giving them a bit of sparkle. Professional dental cleaning is far more than merely cosmetic, as it’s excellent for helping to maintain good gum health which is vitally important if you want your teeth to last for life. It’s also a good treatment for freshening up your breath.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding treatment can be worth considering if you just have one or two things that you’d like to correct. For example dental bonding can be great for mending teeth that may have become chipped or worn or for just making slight changes to the overall size and shape. This technique may also be used to help minimize gaps in between teeth. It uses tooth colored composite resin to correct the overall shape and size. These resins come in a huge range of shades and translucencies, and once polished look amazingly natural and lifelike.

Dental Contouring

Dental contouring is often used in conjunction with dental bonding and this might be useful if you have one or two teeth that are only slightly overlapping. The procedure of dental contouring is performed by our cosmetic dentist. It usually involves carefully removing a tiny amount of your tooth enamel. It will help correct its alignment before polishing the tooth to create a natural looking sheen. These two cosmetic dental treatments can usually easily be completed in one visit.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments to Whiten Your Teeth

Perennially popular and extremely effective, our teeth whitening treatments can quickly and safely improve the overall shade of your teeth. It’s always best to have a professional tooth whitening treatment as it will produce the very best results and above all will not damage your teeth. There are two different options you can choose from which are to have your teeth whitened in our dental office, a process that can take as little as an hour, or if you prefer you can whiten at home. To whiten at home, we will fabricate custom-made whitening trays for you that are comfortable and lightweight and can be worn for just a few hours each day or even overnight. This is a great treatment if your teeth are a little sensitive, as by whitening more slowly we can eliminate any unwanted side effects.

Often our dentists may suggest using a combination of different techniques and cosmetic treatments to help improve your smile. Every treatment plan is custom-designed to help give you a smile others will envy.