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With minimum BruxZir crown prep and very few BruxZir crown disadvantages, this brand of crown is an ideal option to complete your healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile. When you need a crown, talk to your Brooklyn cosmetic dentist at Envy Smile Dental Spa about all your options.

To achieve a winning smile while taking exceptional care of your teeth, your Brooklyn cosmetic dentist offers a number of options. Dental crowns have been made from gold or porcelain on a metal base for many years. But gold doesn’t look natural, and although the porcelain is closer, it often chips and breaks. A new full-contour zirconia restoration called BruxZir is having far better and more natural-looking results. Originally recommended with the slogan “More Brawn than Beauty,” new coloring and translucency characteristics have increased the aesthetics of this material substantially.

Many dentists still use the porcelain-on-metal combination for prosthodontic crowns since it’s a simple, cost-effective option. But discerning clients in Brooklyn or those looking for a more durable option are choosing BruxZir crowns as an alternative. Discuss this option with your cosmetic dentist at Envy Smile Dental Spa in Brooklyn.

What Is BruxZir?

Repairing a cracked or broken tooth corrects your functional and cosmetic problems. A crown:

  • Restores your tooth’s size, shape and strength
  • Improves the appearance of your smile
  • Relieves pain
  • Prevents further damage
  • Increases functionality through proper bite alignment

BruxZir is made from zirconium oxide powder that comprises the most reliable all-ceramic restoration to date. Heated for 2.5 hours at 1,580 degrees Celsius, the zirconia is extremely strong. BruxZir zirconia can be used for:

Procedure for BruxZir Crowns

A BruxZir crown placement is much like any crown procedure: common and straightforward. Your cosmetic dentist in Brooklyn proceeds with your BruxZir crown prep as follows:

  1. A thorough examination of your teeth and gums is first.
  2. Your Brooklyn dentist takes X-rays and impressions of your teeth.
  3. You’re given a local anesthetic to block any pain signals.
  4. Any decay or compromised tissue is removed from the tooth.
  5. Your injured tooth is carefully and slowly shaped so the crown fits snugly.
  6. Your dentist takes an accurate mold of the tooth.
  7. You and your dentist choose the zirconia color.
  8. A temporary crown is placed while the BruxZir crown is custom-made at the laboratory.
  9. At your next appointment, the temporary crown is removed.
  10. The inner tooth is thoroughly cleaned to remove any possible bacteria.
  11. The new BruxZir crown is cemented in place.

As with any dental procedure, some slight gum swelling and tenderness may occur for a few days. Your jaw may be slightly sore from holding your mouth open. Over-the-counter pain relievers should help with any discomfort. Cold packs reduce swelling and numb any pain, which is usually minimal. You can treat your new BruxZir crown just like your natural teeth.

Pros and Cons of BruxZir Crowns

A four-year study by researchers at the Dental Advisor concluded that with respect to esthetics and durability, BruxZir crowns and bridges received a 98 percent clinical performance rating. BruxZir zirconia has many positive characteristics perfectly suited to dental restoration needs. The advantages include:

  • Strength, since the zirconia is nearly indestructible
  • Natural appearance
  • Highly recommended for those who clench or grind their teeth
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Complete color penetration all the way through the restoration ensures greater shade consistency
  • Exact color matching to existing teeth
  • Glazed to a smooth surface to reduce plaque accumulation and provide better hygiene
  • No metal base
  • Biocompatible material engineered to encourage gums to grow back around them, so you can achieve full gum symmetry and stability
  • Resistant to stains and marginal discoloration
  • Resistant to fracture, chipping and wear-and-tear
  • A better feel from a better fit, especially in areas of minimal space
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Digitally designed and crafted for precision
  • Feathered edges possible for perfectly melding with your natural tooth and gum line
  • Backed by a seven-year manufacturer’s warranty

One BruxZir crown disadvantage is that, as noted in the Dental Advisor study, a few of the crowns needed to be re-cemented. Another BruxZir crown disadvantage is that they may cost a little more than conventional porcelain crowns. But they are a much more affordable alternative to gold crowns.

Your BruxZir Crown Experience

The Brooklyn staff at Envy Smile Dental Spa pride themselves on providing you with the healthiest, most durable and most attractive options for your dental needs. With the continued advances in material strength and coloration, BruxZir has proven to meet all continuing requirements. Studies back up the manufacturer’s claims, and dentists are reporting high satisfaction from their patients.

Awareness of your dental needs and goals, as well as understanding your options, increases your satisfaction with your new dental hardware. Easy prep, precision fitting and coloring, and high durability all contribute to making your smile look its best and ensuring your dental health is optimal.

Do you have questions about BruxZir Crowns we offer in Brooklyn, NY? Would like to schedule an appointment with the top dentist in Brooklyn NY, please contact our office.

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