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Zirconia Crowns – Cosmetic Dentist in Brooklyn, NY

Zirconia dental crowns are the most durable tooth coverings on the market. And it’s that strength that often leads to zirconia crown problems and zirconia crown disadvantages. In Brooklyn, your cosmetic dentist at Envy Smile Dental Spa can help you sift through the pros and cons to find the most suitable solution to your dental needs when a crown makes sense.

With their extreme durability and natural look, zirconia dental crowns are becoming more popular every year. There are many advantages — as well as disadvantages — to these zirconia crowns. So, listen to your cosmetic dentist’s advice when it comes to the kind of dental crown you need for your teeth.

Not everyone has the same issues. Most of the zirconia dental crown advantages come from the aesthetic nature of the material and the way it looks on your teeth. On the other hand, zirconia crown disadvantages include not being able to recognize whether the tooth underneath is decaying.

Only your experienced specialist in cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry can evaluate you and your unique dental goals. Your trained cosmetic dentist in Brooklyn at Envy Smile Dental Spa can ensure you the best possible implementation of the zirconia crowns. But you should only get them if they match your oral health needs and cosmetic goals.

The Purpose and Process of Dental Crowns

A crown is used to strengthen a decayed, broken or cracked tooth or to cover a large hole in a tooth left after a root canal. The process of placing a zirconia dental crown is similar to the process for all other crown materials. It takes place over two stages:

  1. The preparation stage, where your teeth are made ready for the crown
  2. The fitting stage, where your dentist adjusts the crown onto your tooth

For the procedure, your dentist at Envy Smile Dental Spa ensure that the entire tooth will be covered and protected right up to or just below your gum line. This procedure prevents harmful bacteria from entering the tooth in the future. Once the crown is in place, the tooth is as strong or stronger than your natural teeth.

Zirconia and Other Materials

Your Brooklyn dental spa offers three options for dental crown material. The right dental crown material ensures the best protection for your teeth and the greatest aesthetic for the appearance of your smile. The three materials and the differences between them are:

  1. Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns. The PFM crowns, which have a porcelain cap over a metal base, are traditionally used in bridges. The crowns’ metal bottoms are quite noticeable and are viewed as less attractive, so they’re often used to fit your back teeth, where you can hide them more easily. Another downside to these crowns is that your Brooklyn cosmetic dentist has to remove a significant amount of your enamel to place the crown. This option isn’t for anyone with sensitivities to the base metal.
  2. Porcelain or ceramic crowns. These crowns have no metal in them at all. Porcelain crowns are the more expensive variety because they tend to last longer, but both types of dental crowns are translucent and can match the size and color of your original tooth. Because they have no metal base, they can fracture if they come under the immense pressure of a back-tooth bite, so they’re more often used for front teeth. They’re less durable than other kinds of crowns.
  3. Zirconia dental crowns. Zirconia is a nearly indestructible material, so it lasts a long time. The material blends very well with your natural teeth. These crowns can be thinner, so they require minimal tooth preparation, which preserves the majority of your original tooth. Zirconia crowns are a wise choice for any kind of full crown restoration. Your Brooklyn cosmetic dentist recommends them due to their high resistance to fracture. And to add to their positive benefits, zirconia crowns are more affordable than any of the other crowns too.

Problems and Disadvantages

Some of the zirconia crown problems, as well as zirconia crown disadvantages, revolve around their indestructible nature. The extra strength can wear down opposite teeth and neighboring through friction, even if it never wears down itself. At the same time, zirconia can have a negative impact on the root of the tooth.

Zirconia crown problems result from the crown’s indestructibility. It sometimes allows decay underneath the crown to go unnoticed. This may create problems in the root of the tooth that the zirconia crown is covering, which may prevent you from considering zirconia dental crowns as an option. Only your Brooklyn cosmetic dentist, who has your health and appearance in mind, can help you decide which type of crown is most suitable for your optimal dental health.

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