Zoom Whitening (Cosmetic Teeth Whitening in Brooklyn)

In Brooklyn, a dazzling smile is a top priority for many people, especially if you’re in — or trying to break into — the entertainment business. To get an edge over the competition, trust your cosmetic dentist at a dental spa to bring you Zoom teeth whitening and a great follow-up plan to keep that winning smile. Zoom whitening cost is immeasurable when it helps you land that big gig.

Nearly everyone wants that movie star smile. When you bear those pearly whites and turn heads, you know you’ve made it. So many gimmicks promise this, but none of those over-the-counter whitening products can truly deliver. All of the whitening tooth pastes in the world can’t do for you what one session of Zoom teeth whitening can.

Your family dental spa believes you deserve the whitest teeth possible. That 1,000-watt smile can become a reality when you come in for a session of Zoom teeth whitening. One of the most popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, is elevated to new heights. The team at Envy Smile Dental Spa provides you with the best in cosmetic dentistry, as well as oral health from dental care experts in orthodontics, family dentistry, endodontics and more.

Too Good, But Still True

Teeth whitening is nothing new within the common discourse. With countless products marketed toward giving you that brighter smile, it can be hard to know what works. Your trusted cosmetic dentist is an authority on all cosmetic dentistry. And Zoom whitening is often recommended.

Zoom teeth whitening is a patented procedure that uses its own special hydrogen peroxide gel and light to get the job done. Effects of daily wear to your teeth are gone in one session. This whitening product truly seems too good to be true. But as with everything at your favorite dental spa, it’s based on proven results.

Should You Zoom?

Anyone who feels their teeth could be whiter and practices a good oral care routine already is a great candidate for this treatment. You likely go for a whitening procedure because of the visible effects your teeth have suffered. A few reasons you may need Zoom teeth whitening in Brooklyn include:

  • Staining
  • Chalky fluoride buildups
  • Worn enamel

While other procedures are out there for aesthetic problems with teeth, whitening has stayed the most popular for its ease, affordability and wide coverage of many issues. Zoom teeth whitening is a luxury available to all, but it truly makes you stand out above the rest.

The Procedure Details

At your local cosmetic dentist’s office, you can expect your time to be valued and your teeth to look great. As with any cosmetic dental procedure, a full teeth cleaning is required before beginning the process. After your teeth are squeaky clean, your lips and gums are examined to ensure there aren’t any deeper issues, such as early-stage gum disease or extensive decay.

The patented Zoom hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to your teeth, and then the Zoom light is applied in three 15-minute increments. The entire process takes around an hour, a shockingly short amount of time for such drastic results. The procedure breaks up the stains and discoloration, leaving your teeth with their brightest potential. The effects are long-lasting. You may even be given an at-home kit to use whenever you feel necessary.

Getting Real

Your cosmetic dentist delivers results while being completely honest with patients like you. So, you should be aware that the Zoom teeth whitening procedure may hurt a little, depending on your personal pain level. But a small amount of sensitivity is far outweighed by the brilliant white teeth you leave with.

Zoom whitening cost in Brooklyn varies greatly, depending on several factors, including your personal needs. It’s best to contact your office for an exact estimate. But if white teeth are what you’re looking for, Zoom whitening cost counts for little next to your boosted self-esteem and the countless compliments you’ll receive.

Post-procedure, you may feel some sensitivity for the rest of the day. But it’s nothing some over-the-counter pain medication can’t fix. There are no side effects, unless you count a killer smile. To maintain the look for as long as possible, avoid tobacco products, dark food and beverages such as red wine and soda.

A Special Twist

Your prestigious cosmetic dentist also offers “Whitening for Life” for its VIP patients. If you care about your oral health and are looking to unlock your teeth’s fullest potential, this partnership between you and Envy Smile Dental Spa may be an ideal step.

Meeting a few simple requirements makes you eligible for the Whitening for Life program. Your dentist gives you take-home trays and Zoom gel so your smile never fades. Just as you’re dedicated to your oral health, Envy Smile is dedicated to making you look great.

Do you have questions about zoom teeth whitening in Brooklyn, NY? Would you like to schedule an appointment with the best rated dentist in Brooklyn? Please contact our office.