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A retainer is the best insurance policy you have for keeping your straightened teeth in alignment. After spending all that money on braces in New York City, you don’t need to mess up the results because of a cracked or broken retainer. Instead, rely on the team at your Brooklyn dental spa to take care of your needs, even if you need same-day emergency services.

Taking care of your retainer is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your dazzling smile. Without your retainer, all of the time you spent in braces may be as good as wasted, since your teeth want to return to their previous position until they’ve been set. The entire point of wearing a retainer is to maintain all the fabulous teeth straightening results you achieved with your orthodontic treatments.

But broken retainers are nothing to lose sleep about, especially when you go to Envy Smile Dental Spa in Brooklyn. They offer emergency dental care for all kinds of problems. Removable retainers are typically a quick fix. Repairing a fixed or lingual retainer is slightly more involved because the retainer may have to be removed first. But there’s no better place than the premier dental spa in NYC for your top-rated cosmetic dentist to attend to your dental needs.

Signs of Trouble

If you notice damage to a removable retainer, simply take it out to examine it. With a fixed retainer, it can be a little more difficult to even realize something is wrong. Stay current with all of your scheduled dental visits — that’s the best way to stay on top of the situation. Seeing your dentist at regular intervals also helps you prevent some problems before they ever arise.

With a fixed retainer, preventative measures are your best option. Daily wear and tear, hard foods or trauma can cause wires to break or your teeth to detach from the retainer. In some cases, the damage may not even be noticeable until your teeth begin to move out of proper alignment.

Handle with Care

If your retainer is fixed or bonded, the appliance has to be removed before it can be repaired. Once removed, your cosmetic dentist or orthodontist can determine if it’s able to be repaired or if you just need a replacement retainer.

To remove your retainer, your cosmetic dentist has to use a drill to chip away the dental cement that bonds the retainer to your teeth. The retainer is then eased away from your teeth. In the comfort of your NYC dental spa, the surfaces of your teeth are then cleaned and polished.

Practice Prevention

Taking proper care of your retainer keeps it in one functional piece. Brushing your retainer prevents bacteria build-up and plaque. Using non-abrasive toothpaste prevents scratching, which can harm the plastic. Soaking your retainer overnight at least once a week keeps it clean and helps it stay in better shape. However, never forget to wash it off before you put it back into your mouth.

And be sure to store your retainer in a case that’s orthodontist-approved. A sturdy case is an insurance policy against the everyday accidents. This way, if you accidently drop or mishandle your retainer, it’s still safe in its case. Since there are several different types of retainers available, check with your dental team to be sure there aren’t any additional or specific care instructions.

Don’t Panic!

If your retainer is broken or damaged, schedule an appointment with the top cosmetic dentist in New York City. But if there’s any reason that you’re unable to get to your dentist immediately, there are still a couple things you can do to keep the damage to your mouth minimal:

  • Avoid all hard foods, candy especially, until you’re able to get the dental attention you need.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water; that usually helps heal painful spots and eases any discomfort you may experience.
  • Use antibacterial mouth rinse, especially if the damage enables bacteria to get in between your back teeth and your retainer or into other areas that are difficult for you to clean with your toothbrush.

Know Your Options

Sometimes, even the best dental professionals in New York can’t repair the damage to your retainer. If this is the case, your best option is to let your cosmetic dentist make another one for you as soon as possible. The longer you neglect a broken retainer, the worse the damage can become. And you may require more orthodontic adjustments if the alignment of your teeth slips.

If it’s going to take time for your new, fixed retainer to be constructed, ask for a removable retainer made for temporary use. Remember to do whatever’s necessary to preserve all the money and time you invested in your orthodontic treatments. Your unforgettable smile didn’t happen overnight. Don’t allow a broken retainer to have a serious impact on your image.

Do you have any questions about Cracked Retainer treatment in Brooklyn NY? Would you like to schedule an appointment with the dentist Brooklyn? Please contact our office.

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