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Dental Implant FAQ’s

Dental implants are a viable option for replacing missing teeth. If you’re tired of wearing dentures or self-conscious about missing teeth this alternative maybe perfect for you. A dental implant is the nearest thing to natural looking teeth. Patients that have missing or badly diseased teeth are offered this option to help provide comfort, stability and higher confidence.

What is an Implant?

Implants are cylinder or screw that are manufactured and act as “anchors”. They are artificial replacements for natural tooth roots. Implants are made from materials such as Titanium that are easily accepted by the human body. They can be used for lower and upper jaws. They are directly attached to the jaw bone and gum tissue and act as stable foundations for artificial replacement teeth. Implants, unlike dentures, do not need to be taken out to soak overnight. They help fill your mouth and give you the ability to chew food once again.


Implants are inserted in three-steps:

Step one
The implant is surgically placed slightly above the top of the bone. A screw is inserted to prevent debris and gum tissue from entering. The gum is then secured over the implant. For approximately 3 to 6 months a process known as “osseointegration” takes place – this is when the implant fuses with the jaw bone. There maybe swelling and tenderness during the first couple of days; it is during this time period that a diet of soft foods, cold foods, and warm soup is strongly recommended.

Step two
Once the implant has fused with the jaw bone, the implant is uncovered and a post is attached to it. The gum is then given an opportunity to heal around the post. The second surgical procedure takes place where replacement teeth are connected with the post. The implant and post serve as a foundation for the new tooth.

Step three
A crown is made with specific size, shape, and color (fit to blend with your natural teeth). This crown is attached to the implant post.

Are Implants the right decision for you?

Implants are a good choice for a healthy person with healthy gums and sufficient bone to support an implant. Talking to your dentist about implants being a viable option for you is always a good idea.

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