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Brooklyn Dental Implant Restoration

You can trust Envy Smile Dental Spa for expert dental implant restoration services in Brooklyn. We are a unique family dental practice that offers a full line of dental services in one convenient location. Our team of specialists delivers expertise in general dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry as well as advanced dental implant restoration. Unlike most other dental practices, Envy Smile Dental Spa has a certified prosthodontist on staff to assist you with top quality dental implants. Dental implants are the most advanced tooth replacement system ever developed and have a success rate of 95% to 98%. Whether you want a more permanent tooth replacement option with new dental implants or your dental implants need expert repair, we can give you the standard of care and lasting results you need in Brooklyn. We make every patient feel comfortable and relaxed in our spa-like atmosphere, whether it is a routine cleaning, laminate veneers or advanced restorative services such as dental implants.

NYC Implant Restoration

If you live in Brooklyn, you can be confident in choosing Envy Smile Dental Spa for your implant restoration. We use the latest in technology and techniques when customizing your implants and our prosthodontist carry the experience you deserve when your implant needs repair or your bridge, crown or partial dentures need replacement with implants. Our team of specialists is dedicated to restoring the form and function of your smile and helping you regain an attractive, confident smile once again.

We are the place that NYC and Brooklyn residents turn to for excellence in dental implant restoration. Contact our Brooklyn Dental Implant Restoration Specialists today to schedule a consultation with our prosthodontist to learn how our implant restoration services can benefit you. At Envy Smile Dental Spa, we have everything you need to achieve a smile that others will envy. Our office currently welcoming new patients and we accept most dental insurance plans. If you have an urgent dental implant repair, Envy Smile Dental Spa also offers same day scheduling and emergency dental care as part of our commitment to deliver top quality and personalized dental care.