Page Updated on Nov 24, 2020 by Dr. Weiner (Dentist) of Envy Smile Dental Spa

Dentures Driving You Mad? Why Not Think about Dental Implants?

Do you wear full dentures? Are they driving you to distraction? We know dentures are not always the easiest thing to wear and can often feel loose and uncomfortable, creating sore spots on your gums and making it nearly impossible to eat the foods you love.

Just imagine if there was an affordable solution that could provide you with strong and stable teeth. Just picture yourself having the confidence and security of knowing your teeth cannot move even a tiny fraction. All these sensations are within reach with the use of dental implants.

Dental Implants Can Offer an Affordable Solution

Here at the EnvySmile Dental Spa, we often find that people wearing full dentures expect implant treatment to be too expensive to consider. In fact, it can be highly affordable and especially when you consider that treatment can last for many years or even for life. Using the very latest dental implants, we can replace loose and uncomfortable dentures with an implant retained denture. This is a denture that has special attachments on its fitting surface or the surface that contacts your gums. These attachments clip onto the dental implants ensuring that the denture is unable to move even a little bit. The denture will remain securely in place until you take it out for cleaning.

Use Dental Implants to Secure Upper and Lower Dentures

This treatment can be used to hold both lower and upper dentures although lower dentures tend to cause the most problems. If you do want to secure an upper denture with dental implants then it’s definitely not a problem and it can be a very nice thing to do. With an implant retained upper denture, you can enjoy the sensation of having a denture that is smaller and far less bulky than a traditional denture. Instead of your upper palate being covered up, your implant retained upper denture will be constructed in a way similar to a lower denture, in a horseshoe shape. By uncovering your upper palate, you’ll begin to notice that food tastes much better as the upper palate is covered with lots of taste buds.

Have Good Dental and General Health? You Can Almost Certainly Have Dental Implants

It is important that you have reasonable dental health and general health, but other than that just about anyone can have dental implants and this treatment can be excellent for older people who might have lost all their teeth quite some time ago and who have spent many years struggling with loose dentures. You do need to have a small surgical procedure to insert the dental implants but this is very easy to cope with and there is no need to worry that it will be painful as we will make sure you cannot feel a thing.

If you are interested in dental implants then it is best to book an initial consultation. At this stage we should be able to tell you if implants could help you and explain the process in greater detail.