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Brooklyn Metal Filling Removal

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Are you concerned about your silver fillings? Envy Smile Dental Spa offers safe and effective metal filling removal in Brooklyn. We are a comprehensive family dental practice that offers general and preventative dentistry as well as unique expertise in periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. Our goal is to provide the highest quality dental care in the comfortable and caring environment you deserve, with the convenience of all-inclusive dental care in one place. You can trust our qualified dentists to remove your metal fillings safely and provide natural tooth-colored replacement fillings.

Queens Mercury Fillings Removed

Whether you want your mercury fillings removed due to cosmetic reasons or the concern of potential health risk, Envy Smile Dental Spa can help you in Queens. If your mercury fillings are 20 years and older, causing gum inflammation, preventing you from flossing, or have decay underneath, you may need to replace them with a non-amalgam restoration. Our team of qualified dental experts will use the most advanced dental equipment to remove mercury fillings in your mouth. We are deeply committed to giving you a healthy and attractive smile you can be confident in. Envy Smile Dental Spa uses white or tooth-colored composite fillings after removing tooth decay. Unlike amalgam (or mercury) fillings, our tooth-colored fillings are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are made of highly durable material to restore your smile for years to come.

Manhattan Silver Filling Removal

If you live or work in the Manhattan area, you can trust the expertise and safety of a silver filling removal at Envy Dental Spa in Brooklyn. We are dedicated to makings sure your dental experience is a positive one by creating a warm and relaxing environment and the assurance that you have highly skilled dental specialists caring for every aspect of your dental health. Contact our Brooklyn Metal Filling Removal Dentists at Envy Dental Spa today for questions regarding our silver filling removal method or to schedule an appointment to have your metal filling replaced. We work with most insurance companies and we are currently accepting new patients of all ages.