How Can Kids Benefit from Early Interceptive Orthodontics?

How Can Kids Benefit from Early Interceptive Orthodontics?

Early interceptive orthodontics is an approach that can be extremely effective for children. Here at Envy Smile Dental Spa we keep a close eye on the development of children’s teeth and jaws and if needed, we will suggest an early orthodontic evaluation by age 6 or seven. This is the age recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists. (Read about how soon my child should see a kids orthodontist).

If we do think your child will benefit from this evaluation, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will require treatment straightaway, but it can be a great way to assess any problems that are developing and to plan treatment in the best possible way for your child. Often we can treat very young children aged six or seven with what are called orthodontic functional appliances. These appliances especially designed to take advantage of a child’s growth spurts and which can guide the growth of their jaws into the optimal positions.

What Are the Advantages of Early Interceptive Orthodontics?

Early interceptive orthodontics is extremely good at treating common oral habits such as thumb or finger sucking. Common problems that can be corrected include narrowed dental arches that can be caused by the action of thumb sucking elongating the upper jaw, a habit that increases the chances of teeth coming through incorrectly aligned or crooked and the upper teeth becoming protrusive.

By widening the dental arches, we can create sufficient room for their adult teeth to erupt properly and correcting the position of protruding front teeth reduces the risk of dental injuries. Through using functional appliances, we can correct oral habits and treat potential speech problems or abnormal swallowing patterns. By gently guiding the growth of their jaws and facial bones, we can help to create the very best facial profile for your child.

There are several advantages in considering early orthodontic treatment as often if a child receives treatment early enough, it can minimize or even eliminate the need for orthodontic treatment later on. However most children will require a second phase of treatment but this is more likely to be cosmetically oriented and focused on creating a more perfect smile.

The Second Phase of Orthodontic Treatment

If your child does need a second phase of orthodontic treatment then we have a huge range of braces that are suitable for children and teenagers. We know teenagers can feel particularly self-conscious about wearing braces, which is why we are pleased to provide more discreet options that include clear removable braces, as well as fixed braces that use clear ceramic brackets.

About Our Fixed Braces

Fixed braces use brackets that are cemented onto the teeth for the duration of treatment and which are attached to wires to gently reposition teeth. We can use often Mystique fixed braces for teens which have virtually invisible ceramic brackets that are extremely discreet. Sometimes fixed braces can be a better option than removable braces, particularly for forgetful teens.

About Our Removable Braces

Removable braces can be a popular option, particularly as we offer Invisalign Teen which uses clear plastic aligners to reposition teeth. Removable braces are suitable for most orthodontic cases, but more complex problems may benefit from fixed braces.

Envy Smile Dental Spa can look after all your child’s orthodontic needs, providing the most suitable and appropriate treatment for their age and situation.