Why Preventative Dentistry Is Best Option for You

Why Preventative Dentistry Is Best Option for You

Here at Envy Smile Dental Spa, we firmly believe that preventative dentistry is the very best way to maintain a healthy and attractive smile at all times. It will help lower your dental bills, protects your general health and ensures you will always have an attractive looking smile. You are also less likely to have a dental emergency. The really nice thing about preventative dentistry is that it is very straightforward. Once you have obtained good dental health then it is often only a matter of coming to see us twice a year for regular checkups and cleanings and making sure that you brush at least twice a day and floss once-a-day.

Come and See Us If It Is Been a While Since Your Last Checkup

If you are overdue for a checkup then we’d love to see you here at Envy Smile Dental Spa. We offer a spa -like atmosphere (Learn Our Comfort Menu) that is carefully designed to help everyone relax and enjoy a positive experience during their visit. If you are particularly anxious about seeing a dentist then please talk to us when you book your appointment as we can help you, and you can rest assured we will do everything possible to make sure you are comfortable at all times.

Why Regular Checkups Are so Important in Preventative Dentistry

We thoroughly recommend that everyone comes to see us every six months, even if your teeth and gums seem fine. Regular checks help us keep a close eye on your dental health so we can monitor any changes and can take action at an earlier stage. Often small cavities will not cause any symptoms or discomfort but are easily treated with the very latest tooth colored composite resin fillings that are designed to repair your teeth in a way that is nearly invisible and which is highly biocompatible with your natural tooth structure. This is far preferable than waiting until your tooth causes you pain or requires root canal therapy.

Healthy Gums Are Essential for Your Smile and for Your General Health

Gum disease is a common problem and has stages: gingivitis and periodontal disease. We do have a periodontist that specializes in treating different gum disease stages. (Read also: Gum Disease Treatment).The early symptoms of gum disease are often overlooked, but early gum disease or gingivitis is easily treatable and can be completely eliminated before it causes any damage to your teeth and gums. If you already have extensive gum disease or periodontal disease, our periodontist can provide the most up-to-date treatments to help bring it under control and to repair the damage caused to your teeth and gums. Looking after your gums helps to minimize your risk of tooth loss and will protect your general health as gum disease is linked to many serious health conditions.

Don’t Miss out on Your Routine Cleanings

In preventative dental care routine dental cleanings are an essential part of your dental health care plan. By removing hardened plaque which is a substance called calculus, we can reduce your risk of gum disease and at the same time it’s a nice treatment for adding sparkle to your smile.

Every preventative dentistry treatment provided by our dental spa is fully personalized to cater to your needs as we want you to have a beautifully healthy smile for life.