Six Month Smiles

Straight Teeth. Less Time. Clear Braces for Adults.

Are you one of the millions of adults in need of adult braces who are unhappy, self-conscious or even embarrassed about your smile?
Many adults spend their entire lives covering their mouths when they laugh, smile or talk.  They feel stuck because they do not want to wear adult metal braces for years or they are concerned that other corrective teeth straightening procedures could be too invasive or too expensive.
Now, there is an effective, safe and affordable cosmetic braces solution that fits your lifestyle.

6 Month Smiles are a short-term dental procedure that provides a practical solution for adults who wish to have their crooked teeth straightened without using traditional orthodontic treatments. Here we’ll look at the treatment, the benefits and how much 6 Month Smiles cost.


Comparison Chart Traditional Braces Invisalign 6 Month Smiles
Braces Invisalign 6month-smiles
How does it work? Traditional braces usually involve metal braces to make major bite changes and align back teeth, not just the teeth that show Invisalign utilizes a series of clear aligner trays to move teeth. Some types of tooth movement are nearly impossible with this technology and the ability for the patient to remove the trays may prolong treatment Six Month Smiles utilizes clear braces to gently align teeth in an average time of only six months. The shorter treatment times are achievable by focusing only on your teeth that show when you smile. It’s a revolutionary cosmetic-focused treatment designed to correct what bothers you most about your smile
Average treatment time 2-3 years 12-18 months 6 months
Nearly invisible NO. Metal wires and brackets are typically used with traditional braces because they are more durable and able to withstand the long treatment times accept-icon accept-icon
Affordable Expensive treatment Expensive treatment Less expensive than traditional braces, Invisalign, veneers, and aligners
Most patients are candidates accept-icon No. Aligner therapy is limited in the types of tooth movement it can achieve so fewer patients are ideal candidates accept-icon
Predictable final result accept-icon No. Invisalign utilizes a
series of trays that are fabricated by a computer. Often times the computer’s predicted results do not match how your teeth actually move resulting in inconsistent results and multiple refinement stages of treatment. Occasionally, Invisalign cases have to be “finished” with several months of braces.
Allows you to eat whatever foods you enjoy NO accept-icon accept-icon
Allows you to brush and floss your teeth normally for better periodontal health NO accept-icon NO

Six Month Smiles Treatment

The treatment utilizes clear brackets with tooth-coloured memory wires that are nearly invisible when positioned over the teeth, and as the name implies, they provide predictable short term results and straighten teeth over a 6 month period for the average case.

The ultimate goal of the treatment is to provide patients with a great smile in a short period of time. The focus is to correct and realign crooked, overcrowded, or spaces between teeth, which can often be easily corrected in an average time of 6 months when using the system. It may also be used to correct the following:

  • Overbites
  • Cross bites
  • Open bites
  • Reverse smiles
  • High canines
  • Spacing
  • Intrusions
  • Extrusions
  • Rotations
  • Tipping

What Does The 6 Month Smile Procedure Involve?

The treatment uses translucent Lucid-Lok memory wires and brackets that blend seamlessly with a patient’s existing tooth structure; they provide consistent levels of force the align and straighten teeth in a gentle manner. The unique shape and structure of the memory wires work in conjunction with pre-positioned brackets to realign teeth comfortably and predictably.

When using traditional orthodontic procedures and braces, the results provide fantastic results; however, this type of treatment can sometimes take up to two years or more to achieve.

After a patient’s initial appointment, which includes x-rays, impressions, and a comprehensive examination, a case submission script and the patient’s teeth impressions are sent to the processing facility.

After receiving the impressions, a specialist will identify the correct bracket location placements using the impressions provided to achieve the desired effect. The specialist will then fabricate custom-made bonding trays. These make the bonding process incredibly simple, stress-free, and efficient.

Benefits of the Six Month Smiles Treatment

  • The average patient treatment times take an average of 6 months
  • Tooth-coloured wires and brackets are barely visible
  • Less expensive than traditional braces, veneers, and aligners.
  • The cost of the treatment can be about one-third of the cost of aligners
  • Generally proved results two to three times faster than traditional methods
  • Consistent levels of low force and short treatment times increase safety, comfort, and personal oral hygiene
  • Provides a consistent and predictable outcome and optimum results
  • Fast and comfortable treatment appointments

The treatment has modified the best attributes of braces to provide a common sense cosmetic alternative that fits ideally with patient’s lifestyles, and after the initial braces appointment, patients return every 4 weeks thereafter to receive a simple adjustment.

After the patient’s teeth have been aligned and set to their desired position, the braces are removed using a simple procedure and sufficient retention is provided. The patient is then able to enjoy a perfect smile without feeling self-conscious any longer.

The goals of the treatment differ from those of conventional orthodontic practices and are not intended for time-consuming changes such as midline changes and altering angle class.

If you have cosmetic issues with your teeth that you would like to have corrected, you should strongly consider the procedure as a viable alternative to traditional orthodontic procedures. The new procedure can give you the smile you want in much less time – and at much less cost as well.

While braces, Invisalign & 6 Month Smiles can help straighten teeth, they each have pros and cons. Take a look at the detailed braces vs Invisalign & 6 Month Smiles comparison chart below.