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Brooklyn Adult Braces

Invisible Braces in Brooklyn

Envy Smile Dental Spa is where Brooklyn residents turn for the latest advancements in adult braces. Our comprehensive dental practice serves patients of all ages with a full line of dental services in one convenient location. We can handle every aspect of your dental concerns, whether you need general dentistry, endodontics or periodontics to maintain a healthy smile or you want to enhance your smile with our advanced cosmetic services or orthodontic treatment options. Our best braces specialists deliver personalized and top quality care in our comfortable environment at Envy Smile Dental Spa in Brooklyn. When it comes to cosmetic braces for adults, our experienced orthodontist can help you determine which treatment method is best for you. Our entire dental staff is dedicated to giving you the smile that others will envy.

Clear Invisible Braces

For most patients seeking adult orthodontics treatment, confidence plays a huge role. We are proud to offer options in clear braces using Mystique or Invisalign. Mystique uses translucent ceramic brackets as an alternative to metal brackets and wires. This is a popular choice for those that are aesthetically conscious. Mystique braces provide exceptional strength and reliability while giving you the confident, beautiful smile you have always wanted.

Clear braces offer the same orthodontics effectiveness as traditional metal braces except they are invisible, allowing your natural tooth color to show through. Invisalign is another option in clear braces, and it is an ideal choice for patients with minor orthodontic treatment demands. At Envy Smile Dental Spa, you will not only be pleased with your results, but Mystique and Invisalign® clear braces give patients confidence during their orthodontic treatment time as well. Our orthodontist is highly trained to straighten crooked teeth as well as correct the jaw misalignment that causes overbites and underbites.

Excellence in Clear and Invisible Braces

You can trust Envy Smile Dental Spa for excellence in clear and invisible braces. We utilize the latest in orthodontic technology and technique to deliver the results you desire. Our orthodontic specialists have unique treatment methods to offer children, teens and adults. Envy Smile Dental Spa accepts most dental insurance plans and we offer CareCredit financing for qualified patients. Contact our Brooklyn Adult Braces Dentists today to learn how you can get the dazzling smile you deserve with our clear braces.

Six Month Smile

Many adults spend their entire lives covering their mouths when they laugh, smile or talk.  They feel stuck because they do not want to wear adult metal braces for years or they are concerned that other corrective teeth straightening procedures could be too invasive or too expensive.  Now, there is an effective, safe and affordable cosmetic braces solution that fits your lifestyle.

Here is what makes Six Month Smiles so innovative …

  • Average treatment times of only six months
  • Six Month Smiles clear brackets and tooth-colored wires are barely visible
  • Use of braces has shown to provide the most conservative and predictable final result
  • Six Month Smiles ensure that your appointments are fast and comfortable
  • Low forces and short overall orthodontic treatment times increase comfort, safety, and hygiene
  • Six Month Smiles is typically less expensive than traditional braces, aligner therapy, or veneers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Clear Braces Cost?

The cost varies from patient to patient due to a different degree of correction.
Invisible adult braces average price in Brooklyn is around $3,800 – $8,000. Invisalign and Mystique aligners are about $3,500 -$4,000 without insurance. In comparison, the average cost of traditional metal braces ranges from $5,000 to $6,000 and the price for Lingual braces is around $5,000–$13,000.

Does Insurance Cover Braces for Adults?

If invisible braces are placed for medical purposes, dental plans may cover part of their cost. Generally, Invisalign treatment is covered in the same way as regular braces. You may get a certain percent of reimbursement for your Invisalign or Mystique treatment. Braces without insurance tend to cost more, especially if there’s a need for repair or replacement. It’s best to check your dental plan before starting treatment.

What Are the Most Common Types of Orthodontic Braces?

Due to the rapid development of technology, there are various alternatives to traditional braces treatment. You may choose a specific material or shape for the most effective results.

Different types of braces for teeth include:

  • Traditional Metal Braces. Metal brackets and wires are used for teeth correction.
  • Ceramic Braces. These tooth colored braces are made of ceramic material.
  • Mystique Braces. Mystique uses translucent brackets instead of colored ones.
  • Lingual Braces. These braces are attached to the back of your teeth.
  • Invisalign. It’s a clear retainer that can be removed for cleaning.